Laser Tag – Libre Tag

Information about my GNU open source laser tag system, known as Libre Tag. The word Libre in the name signifies that the project is open, both the code and circuit design are freely provided and can be used according to the GPL license.

Currently the system is using a single 28×1 Picaxe chip to provide all the system functions.

Please use the links on the right hand side to find out more information about the system and guns.

The system is still in development but is advanced enough to play full battles. Here is a quick breakdown of the current features:-

  • Up to 4 Different Teams with option of friendly fireĀ  (LED colours for only 3 teams currently – Red, Green and Orange)
  • Up to 32 players
  • Open serial communications protocol
  • Rounds counter with magazine reload
  • Health or single shot kills (arcade vs real life)
  • Basic Sound effects
  • LCD screen showing team, player id, health and ammo, burst mode and battery level
  • Remotely configurable via admin box
  • Battery monitor
  • Persistent game state saves game variables to eeprom when gun is turned off
  • Anti cheat detection – Detects if sensors have been unplugged
  • 200 meter + range
  • Focused optics
  • Muzzle Flash
  • Burst, full auto or single shot fire
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Supports different types of guns
  • Additional game types such as Capture the Flag and zombie mode
  • RF connected team bases recharge health and ammo and act as the flag in CTF games
  • RF connected score board
  • Detailed score download to PC at end of game

I am currently working on adding the following features:-

  • More realistic sounds effects using a ISD 17xx chipcorder chip
  • Support for extra games like king of the hill, hostage, etc….

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