Rocket Nozzles

This contains instructions on how I made the garden hose adapter nozzles for my rockets.

The critical component for these nozzles are the hose adapters from Wilkinson’s. At the time of writing July 2008 this is what they look like.

They have two orange adapters which are of no use to us, but because of them the main body is slightly larger than a normal hose connector.

The first step is to get a spare bottle top and melt diagonal lines in it.

These will help give the glue something to grip and hopefully stop the bottle top popping out of the hose adapter.

Next, remove the black washer in the hose connector. Then using hot glue around the inner sides of the hose connector, glue the bottle top into the connector.

Once the glue has cooled down you can then drill the hole into the bottle cap. If you drill from the thinner end of the hose connector it will act as a guide and you will get a central hole.

And there you have it a completed rocket nozzle. I have tested them up to around 120 psi with no signs that they are going to leak or come apart.

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